Creative Thinking…

In todays lesson, Shirley  gave us 8 task that each had to be completed in 10 minutes. There was various different task were you had to think laterally, convergently or divergently.


  1. The first task I did, I got given 3 different pieces of paper each with random lines and marks to be completed however you want.
  2. The Remote Associates Test is where you have 8 pieces of paper each with 3 words that have a fourth word to connect them all.
  3. We were given 2 images with objects and then 2 objects we could handle, and we had to think of what that object could be used for. The more unique the better.
  4. For the 4th & 5th task we had to download podcast and listen to Inside Creativity – The Alternative Uses Test
  5. Inside Creativity – The Remote Associates Test
  6. Was to riddles one I got which was ‘Reading between the line’ and the other I never. Also I had to make ‘Creativity’ using paper clips, I asked Shirley whether we had to think literally or laterally which she said that it was my choice! So I thought laterally and creatively made an image using the paper clips.
  7. Was to research Joy Paul Guilford who was the man who created the process of Convergent and Divergent Thinking.
  8. Lastly I got to create an image using a comb and black paint, which I decided to create a tree… yay




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